Pork Pies!

6 Feb

We’ve just added locally produced delicious Pork Pies to our ever expanding Ranger Pig range.

These pies from our own Ranger Pig pork are available in Individual and Family-Sized Pork Pies, and you can chose from the following scrumptious flavours:

  • Plain pork
  • Pork and apple
  • Manor (sausage-meat and onion)
  • Pork and pickle

Get in touch with Bob to order your fresh local pies before they sell out!



2 Feb

Here’s a picture from last week – our Ranger Pigs in the snow!

Pigs in the snow!

Pigs in snow!

Waiting for food!

Waiting for food!

Good job these guys have thick coats!

Good job these guys have thick coats!

Brrr, chilly morning!

Brrr, chilly morning!

Thank goodness we made the time to fluff up their beds with plenty of extra straw so they could be cosy and warm in the Pig-Proof Arks!

The Good Abattoir Guide

2 Feb

Our friends at Oaklands Pig have put together a great resource for small hold farmers; the Good Abattoir Guide.

The good abattoir guide aims to provide the following information for small hold farmers:

  • “their pigs have been well treated both during unloading, and in the pens prior to slaughter
  • that they are slaughtered with care, quickly and humanely
  • that the abattoir will handle their pig carcass throughout the process to ensure the best quality meat, and ensure its traceability
  • that where the abattoir also butcher the pig, it is cut up to the customers specification, and butchered and presented professionally
  • that the abattoir is friendly to smallholders, easy to deal with, reliable, and all the other things that you want”

If you’re a pig keeper and you have feedback, please get in touch with the guys of Oaklands so the can keep making their abattoir guide better.

Great campaign from Animals Australia; Make it Possible

25 Oct

Help pigs fly, or least be able to run around in the fresh air like pigs are supposed to.  Take a look at this great video and then look at the website to make your pledge.